Want to fly? Check. Want to experience a thrill like no other? Check. Want to make all of your friends jealous of your awesomeness? Check-Check. With a skydive at Skydiving Nashville, you’ll take part in an extreme sport like no other. Ready to be the coolest person you know? Call Skydiving Nashville Today!

So just why not experience the excellent views in Nashville, Tennessee when floating through the sky underneath a parachute? Tandem skydiving is the easiest process to dive into the addictive sport of skydiving, generating you with a lifetime worth of memories inside a single afternoon! Your skydiving instructor will guide you through the whole skydive, from exit to freefall, steering the canopy, and landing safely back on the Tennessee soil below. You will only need minimal training as a tandem skydiver before making the commitment of your first tandem sky dive.

Nashville, Tennessee tandem skydiving packages include a 14,000 foot jump, 45-60 second freefall, and a 5-8 minute parachute-guided decent. Give yourself lots of time to prepare for your jump by arriving early. Once you've finished your safety training and you've suited up in a specially-designed jumpsuit, you'll board the plane along with your trainer, and between 2-8 other skydivers. If you are looking for a special, unforgettable experience that delivers an unbeatable adrenaline rush, you'll love tandem skydiving!

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