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Skydiving Nashville

Whether you are searching for a tandem skydive in Nashville or sky diving training in Tennessee, Skydiving Nashville ensures that you will have the time of your life! No one offers more sky diving options in Nashville, Tennessee!

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Tandem Skydiving in Nashville

Tandem Sky Diving

If you're wanting to experience the breathtaking thrills of skydiving for the very first time, tandem skydiving is what we would recommend for you! Join us here at Skydiving Nashville for the most breathtaking ways to experience the thrills and excitement of complete freefall skydiving over Tennessee. It's on to the airplane for the ride up to 2.5 miles for a journey that you will never forget.

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Nashville Skydiving School

Skydiving Instructing

Take your skydiving experiences to a new level! Whether your goal is to be able to jump solo, or you're interested in a career as a skydiving trainer, Skydiving Nashville can help you reach your skydiving goals!

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Nashville Skydiving Gift Certificates

Tandem Gift Certificates

Awesome for holiday gifts, birthdays or anniversaries, Skydiving Nashville Gift Cards can be ordered as a tandem skydiving experience, a solo course or one of the awesome Nashville Skydiving packages that we offer. Gift Certificates are valid for 24 months from the time of purchase and are fully transferable so that the receiver can always pass it on!

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Get a Video of your Skydive in Nashville!

Skydive Video Packages

Skydiving Nashville partners have some of the most talented camera flyers in Tennessee to record every moment of the jump of your lifetime! Some dropzones also offer a different camera, a sports camera, (a video camera mounted on your Tandem Master's forearm) for a more affordable, close-up video.

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Come and join Skydiving Nashville for the most exciting experience at Skydiving Nashville - a high-flying, action-packed tandem sky dive over Tennessee! Skydiving is an once in a lifetime experience for almost everyone. Skydiving Nashville affiliates use airplanes and facilities that are designed to accommodate gatherings of any size - whether you are going alone or in a group of a hundred, we will guarantee that your sky dive experience is as momentous as it can be. Bystanders are also welcome to come with you and join in the big day! Call 615-988-6290 and ask one of our Skydiving Professionals for more info and the best deals on our most popular packages!

Let Skydiving Nashville Take You Skydiving!

Have you ever wanted to know how it feels to fly? Parachuting describes the process of skydiving out of an airplane and descending slightly to the earth. While it may seem like flying, skydiving is a bit different. The level of security provided by having a parachute is the main difference. Your chute slows your descent, not only making your freefall safer, but also supplying you with a stunning canopy tour thousands of feet in the air!

If it's your very first time you will be harnessed in with a Tandem Master! Your instructor will help you into a harness, affixed to a parachute and together you and he will exit the aircraft, freefall and land. Each parachute has been professionally packed and examined. You may even have the chance to open the chute yourself before you float safely to the ground!

Trying to figure out what altitude you will be jumping from?

The plane has to hit an elevation of 10,000 to 14,000 feet before you can exit. That means, you will be jumping from almost 3 miles above the ground! This height cap exists for your protection, any higher and you would require an oxygen mask to jump!

If you are nervous about the parachute launching you can rest assured, you will be taught in depth on what to expect!

Your second chute is there in case the first one breakdowns. This chute will release when you hit low altitude with a malfunctioned main canopy. At some locations, a "static line jump" may be used for parachute deployment training. During this activity, you jump from the plane with a safe and secure tether to the aircraft.

The Most Popular Airplanes to Jump Out Of

Light planes like the Cessna and Otter are put into action most often for skydiving. These planes can transport a range of skydivers from as few as 4 to as many as 28. Nevertheless, light sport aircraft predominately are used for jumping as they are much faster than commercial airplanes, often taking a load of skydivers up every 15 to 20 minutes!

In some planes, skydivers can be at optimal height in 10 to 20 minutes. Unsurprisingly, the size of the engine determines how fast it gets up to this point. The speedier planes, like the King Airs with PT6A-20 engines, are regarded as the fastest in the world in their ascent.

Not only do these particular aircraft ascend quickly, they can hold up to 15 people. {The King Airs, however, are only the second most popular aircraft used for diving.} The most popular double and single engine planes for skydivers are the Havilland Canada DHC-6-Twin Otter, and the Pacific Aerospace PAC P-750 XSTOL, respectively. Whether piston-powered or turbine-powered, aircraft optimized for skydivers have wide doors. Turbine and piston-powered planes are separated by a key difference: turbine planes are lighter in weight and use their fuel more efficiently. While they supply a similar horsepower as a typical piston engine, crafts with turbine engines are typically more expensive.

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